Kinesiology is a name given to the study of muscles and the movement of the body. It is a therapy that has origins in acupuncture, chiropractic, osteopathy and Chinese medicine. An American Chiropractor Dr George Goodheart invented it in the mid 60’s developing the system of applying muscle testing diagnostically and therapeutically to different aspects of health care.

It is a holistic therapy that works on every aspect of health, the physical, psychological, emotional, nutritional and spiritual levels, to identify and relieve the stress that may be preventing the individual from enjoying excellent health.

It works on the basis that in order to have total health, we must look at the person as a whole. Factors that effect the physical body will not only have an effect on other parts of the body but will have an effect upon the mind and emotions too. For example, chronic back pain could lead to a person feeling depressed and by the same token, excessive worry could contribute to the development of a stomach ulcer or digestive problems.

Possible benefits include

  • Release of emotional stress

  • Relief of physical pain

  • Increased vitality and resistance to illness

  • Help with allergies and nutritional requirements

  • Enhanced functioning of brain and nervous system

  • Improved posture and co-ordination

  • Help with phobias and low self esteem

  • Tapping hidden potential, setting and achieving goals